Friday, April 16, 2010

Answers to Q2-April Tadka- Mixed Bag

1. François Pienaar,Theodore Roosevelt,Nelson Mandela - It was an excerpt from Theodore Roosevelt's "Man in the arena" speech that Nelson Mandela handed over to François Pienaar before the Rugby World Cup, 1995. South Africa went on to win the Cup and this is the inspiration for the movie Invictus.
2. Fortune magazine (Most of you cracked it)
3. Oedipus/Electra Complex
4. Lonely Planet
5. Old Spice( Globally cracked :-) )

Congratulations to Tanmay and Suvagata for answering all the questions correctly ! Shobhit, Sugandha, Priya were close on 4! Next quiz shall be posted soon :)

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