Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Answers to Quiz 2

Here are the answers

1) William Shakespeare

2) Charlie's Angels- Almost all of you got this one right. Guess Charles was the hint.

3) Theory of Gloden arches is the right answers.
@Aseem- ur answer is right too- 2 countries having mcdonalds do not goto war with each other. There's more trivia on this- Nato bombed serbia just a few months after this theory became public ;-)
@ Somnath- "Bangalored" was a good guess

4) Tough one- Loonie was the right answer

5) Sitter- Kapil Dev

6) Harvard Business School was the right answer.
@ Pankaj- Yale was a close answer

7) Tough one- Aerosmith was the answer (trivia: the book mentioned was Arrow Smith)

8) All of you got this one- Shilpa Shetty

9) Jeffery Archer

10) Indian Farmer's Fertilizers Coopoerative
(The funniest one was Indian Farmer's Fertilization Coopoertaive)

Lokesh Kaushal... u top the quiz... congrats

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