Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quiz 2

Since we are able to see each others' answers in the comments, the exercise may turn out to be boring. We are introducing a new format here where you can give in your answers in the link provided below. Your answers shall be visible only to the moderator. These shall be published after 72 hours from the time of the quiz post.

We acknowledge the inputs from our Technical Advisor, Shri Sanjeev Grover.

Enjoy the Quiz..

1. Name the poet: ‘The Phoenix and the Turtle’, ‘Venus and Adonis’, ‘Sonnets’, and ‘The Rape of Lucrece’.

2. Created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts, The Alley Cats’ graduated from police academy and their first assignment was switchboard handling and traffic. It was their assignments with Mr. Charles Townsend that shot them to fame. How do we better know them?

3. Which famous political-economic theory first appeared in Thomas Friedman’s, ‘The Lexus and the Olive Tree’?

4. What is the Canadian one dollar coin colloquially called? Its 'pet-name' name comes from the name of a bird?

5. Middle name is Ramlal Nikhanj; author of book, ‘Straight from the Heart’; and member of the Indian Territorial Army; brand ambassador for Haier and Birla Sun Life Insurance; known for his achievements in sport. Who is he?

6. The emblem of which organization is inscribed with the term, 'Veritas'?

7. There many stories doing the rounds on how the band got its name. One says it’s a distorted version of the name of a book by Sinclair Lewis. The other one says that once when the drummer was sitting in his school with his girlfriend he went about doodling a name in his notebook and then was born a new name for the band. Which band?

8. Who recently launched a perfume brand, S2 (S-Square)?

9. Identify:

10) If you have been in Gurgaon, you have probably crossed and gone around IFFCO Chowk a million times. What does IFFCO in IFFCO Chowk stand for?

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Enjoy and All the very best.

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